2 x 2 Community Outreach

“Two by Two” – 2 x 2

an evangelization apostolate of St Amelia Church

2 x 2 (two by two) is an evangelization apostolate of the parishioners of St Amelia Church.  The mission of 2 x 2 is to respond to Jesus’ command to each of us to: “Go and make disciples.”  Just as Jesus sent out the first disciples two by two (Luke 10), so we, through the simple action of a brief welcoming personal visit, go two by two seeking to manifest Christ’s love and joy to our neighbors in our parish boundaries.  It is a sign of a good neighbor to say hello and express welcome to those who live in the same community.  We seek simply to make St Amelia’s presence known and to extend a personal message that all are welcome to join our parish.  We rely on the Holy Spirit to move hearts in ways that only He can as we do our small part of inviting and welcoming. 2 x 2 will occur three times a year.  All parishioners over the age of 21 are invited to sign up.  We ask parishioners to commit 6 hours to be involved in 2 x 2. First, they will attend a one hour training Second, after being paired up in twos, each pair will have two weeks to make visits.  This should take no more than 3 hours.  Based on our experience last fall we have found a typical visit to be no longer than three minutes. Lastly, following the home visits, we will have a potluck party to share the fruits of our visits and offer feedback. Parishioners may also participate through providing a firm foundation in prayer.  Rosaries, Holy Hours, and other prayers can be pledged and dedicated to this evangelical effort. To learn more or to become involved in this parish apostolic work, please contact Adam Pasternack at 836-0011 ext 107 or adam.pasternack@gmail.com.