Small Groups

Small Groups are where our great big Church becomes a great small Church. It’s the place to go to grow, to be known, loved and care for.

In Small Groups members discuss what God’s Word says on a topic, and approach it through the issues and challenges of their daily lives. People are challenged to become authentic and accountable about what’s really going on in their lives in a safe and supportive place. Members pray for one another, care for one another, and develop friendships with other growing disciples.

What is a Small Group? Is it Bible Study? 

Small Groups are made up of 5-10 people who meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly message, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. While prayer is an important part of our Small Group environments, they are not Prayer Groups.  Small Groups are not Bible Study or Adult Education classes. Small Groups are the place you connect with other growing disciples in a more personal environment.

What happens in a Small Group?

Groups meet in members’ homes and usually begin with casual conversation then prayer. St Amelia Church provides materials that connect to the Gospel. Group members discuss and apply God’s word to their own lives. Meetings end with group prayer.

Are Small Groups just discussion groups?

Our Small Groups are more than just discussion groups.  They are environments for growing discipleship in authentic and caring ways.  Small Groups strive to be the place for Church members to find support, encouragement and care. Great friendships have developed out of our Small Groups.  Group members face the challenges of life together, have fun together, share a meal, or reach out in service projects.

How can I get into a small group?

Here at St Amelia we will offer formal times to get into a small group twice a year.  Once during Lent and once at the beginning of October.  Groups meet for 4-6 weeks.  In the months in between these two formally organized small groups we encourage parishioners to meet for continued faith formation or for social activities.  Both help build up genuine friendships in Christ.  This is indispensable for living as a disciple of Jesus.

How do I learn more or sign up?

Contact Adam Pasternack at 836-0011 ext 107 to sign up OR fill out a pew card and drop it in the collection basket.