Parish Organist – Dan Fronckowiak

My Dearest Parish Family –

On June 8, 2020 I received a letter of resignation from our parish organist – Dan Fronckowiak as he wants to go back to school to pursue his degree in music education. He stated in his letter “that over the fall semester, and the beginning of the spring semester, it became clear to him that he wasn’t able to adequately fulfill his duties to the parish and pursue his degree.”

We are grateful to Dan for his twenty years of being our parish organist and leading us in worship, music and prayer via his voice and mastery of the musical instruments he played. It saddens all of our hearts for Dan has been an important piece of the St. Amelia Family. Dan’s resignation takes effect on July 12, 2020. We, thank Dan and wish him well as he pursues his degree in music education.  God Bless you.

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Rev. Sebastian C. Pierro


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