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Bible Study Groups

At St. Amelia parish we offer so many different options to increase your faith and become a part of the Church Community.  Bible study groups, devotional groups & ministries, community service groups, and so much more!  There is something for everyone and all are welcome!


Scripture study group is offered throughout the year and announcements are placed in the weekly bulletin. We include a variety of resources such as: Dynamic Catholic, Ascension Press (Bible Timeline) or Bishop Baron (Word on Fire). We offer sessions during the day and also in the evening to accomodate schedules.

  • Arlene Meyerhofer, 716-836-0011 or


This gathering of men meets twice a month on Sundays at 8:00pm in The Lighthouse to learn more about their faith and connect with others who are trying to live as men of God as the.  the group discusses the Gospel and shares some ale together. All men over 21 are welcome to join!

  • Walter Sisto, 904-430-7059 or


All women over the age of 21 are welcome to join us as we grow in friendship and knowledge of our faith in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  There is no charge.  Meetings are announced in the weekly bulletin and are usually held on Tuesday evenings.  Topics include: Wisdom, Ephesians, Saints as Role Models, as well as other topics of interest.  We have large and small groups and conversations while enjoying our favorite wines.  Coffee and Tea is also served.

  • Arlene Meyerhofer, 716-836-0011 or


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