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The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented a challenge for all.  Throughout the shut-down, St. Amelia Church maintained the full Mass schedule, providing livestream access on our website.  Changes in requirements were carefully monitored so as to achieve the best and safest participation in Mass for as many as possible, as soon as possible. 

Upon re-opening, every other pew in the church was roped off and arrows placed on floor indicating a new flow pattern of movement to assure adequate social distance.  Alternating halves of the church are used for each of the daily Masses.

We encourage all Mass attendees to follow all local, state and federal guidance for COVID-19 as it is updated and issued.  We ask that all attendees sanitize their hands and will have sanitizer available for anyone who does not have their own.  Reception of Communion is only distributed in the hand.

As of November 23, 2021 The Diocese of Buffalo has issued updated COVID-19 guidelines (in accordance with NYS CDC guidelines) which can be found on their website here: Updated COVID-19 guidelines

On November 22, 2021 Erie County announced a four phase approach to mitigate the recent surge of cases. At this time, masks are mandated for all participants and liturgies held in Catholic Churches and worship spaces located in Erie County and at parishes with at least one worship site in Erie County.  As in the past, the only exception given to this will be for cleregy and other liturgical ministers when they are fulfilling a significant speaking role (they should maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others during these limited occasions).

Based on prevailing guidance from health officials or an individual’s doctor or other medical professional, masks are now mandated for all in attendance, participants in the liturgy, especially when in close proximity of others (entry, exit, and when receiving holy communion). 

In short summary, at all Masses, prayer services and any parish or school event/function masks must be worn at all times. When receiving communion you will receive communion in your hand, lower your mask to consume to host and then replace your mask immediately. Eucharistic Ministers distributing communion should remain masked while serving as well as those receiving it.

As we continue to deal with the Covid Pandemic issues in our church and school, we do it always with the safety and care of all our parishioners, staff, faculty and students in mind. We continue to implement 6 feet safe distancing, constant sanitizing of the church, classrooms and individually as well. With this in mind, St. Amelia Parish Ministries have to continue following all of the mandates for large group gathering. This means that the facilities of St. Amelia’s (School, Church) are not able to be used as we want to preserve a safe environment for everyone. Due to this reality, we are no longer allowing ministries to meet as in the past. These regulations will be reviewed as needed. We thank you for your understanding and patience