Giving Thanks for Tuition Assistance

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Giving Thanks for Tuition Assistance

St. Amelia School has an enrollment of just under 500 students from grades PreK-3 through 8th grade. The cost of running the school annually is $3.2 million. As you can imagine, it is very costly for us to maintain being the largest Catholic school in the Dio-cese of Buffalo.

The funds that assist in operating the school are generated from family tuition, fundraising and from the St. Amelia Parish (subsidy and collections). In the past, the diocese assisted St. Amelia with the Catholic Tuition Grant Program (CTGP) which pro-vided $125,000 and assisted families from parishes without a Catholic school to be able to afford to attend St. Amelia. This past year, the diocese discontinued the program so families from parishes without a school will no longer receive this assistance. As a result, an additional financial burden has been placed upon both our school families and the St. Amelia Parish.

St. Amelia has been very fortuante to benefit from the financial support of some supporting parishes which include:

  • St. Timothy’s Parish – $12,100
  • Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta – $1,100
  • Queen of Martyrs – $1,100

On behalf of all the families that have benefited from your generosity, thank you to Father Dennis Fronckowiak, Father Lawrence P. Damian and Father Louis Klein for believing in and supporting Catholic Education for your parish children.

We encourage any family that is impacted by the elimination of this program to reach out to your pastor to request that they also serve as shepherds of God’s gift of a Catholic education for your children.

We thank you for believing in St. Amelia School and for providing a Catholic School Education for young parishioners.  May God Bless You All.