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This group of parents helps to facilitate close ties between the school and the home, for the benefit of the school children. The Association also provides financial assistance, and sponsors social events like skating parties, father-daughter dances, and similar activities for the enrichment of the children and their parents and families.  If you would like to learn more, please contact the school office at 716-736-2230 Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. 

  • Joe Gugino, President
  • Joe Nasca, Vice President
  • Bill Naab, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Schillaci, Secretary

According to the HSA constitution, the purpose of our organization includes:

“…An opportunity for the parents, faculty and school administration to cooperate in the mutual efforts to educate our children according to Catholic principles, bringing the home and school into closer relationship … to plan and execute short-term fund raising to improve, supplement, and aid the educational processes used in our school…to afford an opportunity for the discussion of common information about the school and parish community by maintaining liaison with the school and parish administration…”

At  St. Amelia School, the HSA not only meets these objectives,  it exceeds them. The education of our children depends on a strong bond between the Home and the School, hence HSA.  Many activities are sponsored by the St. Amelia Home School Association throughout the year to strengthen this relationship.  Activities they sponsor include:  Football and Pot ‘O Gold Raffles, Monte Carlo Night, Easter Candy Sale, Roller Skating Parties, Meal Ministry, Socials, Athletic Advisory, and the list goes on and on.