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You may offer a Mass of special intention or for the deceased at either weekday Mass or most of the Masses on Sunday. Requests should be made in the parish office during the week from 9 am to 4 pm. The suggested stipend is $15.00.


April 11, 2021

7:00am Mass

  • Elizabeth Brick by Christina Kleiner

9:00am Mass

  • Bryan M. Lawrence by Brian Lawrence
  • Arthur Germony by wife Oleta

11:00am Mass

  • Marie Zuppa by Paul and Linda Gaulocher and Family
  • Caroline Martin by Chris and Carrie
April 12, 2021

8:00am Mass

  • Marie Miller by Estate

10:30am Mass

  • Robert Occhino By Barbara Bielle
April 13, 2021

6:30am Mass

  • The Sortisio Family by Estate

10:30am Mass

  • Janice Emminger by Barbara Bielle
April 14, 2021

8:00am Mass

  • Alma McGillicuddy by Rick and Karen Stewart

10:30am Mass

  • Robert Wunsch, Sr. by Family

April 15, 2021

6:30am Mass

  • John Seel, Jr. by Janet Larson

10:30am Mass

  • Cheryl Newton By Mark and Helen Caputi
April 16, 2021


  • Robert Stoka by Mark and Susan Stoka-Previte


  • For All Parishioners Living & Deceased by Fr. Sibby
April 17, 2021

8:00 am Mass

  • Jerry Thuman by Ann Thuman

4:30 pm Mass

  • John Gruber by Vara Family

  • Reta Papendick by St. Amelia’s St. Vincent de Paul Society